Now, PARADIGM is changing!

Why are you dissatisfied with the AGV/AMR system?

Based on long AGV/AMR experience, we have succeeded in developing and verifying the world's only integrated solution™!

Now, we can deliver the most economically satisfactory AGV/AMR/ACS system.

The world's only
AGV/AMR/ACS integrated solution™!

High Satisfaction!

" Due to the nature of the AGV/AMR business, 
it is difficult to deliver to all companies. "

Low Cost!

An integrated solution™ is the answer!

The only way to introduce a highly satisfactory logistics robot in the most economical way is the Integrated Solution™!

Our Partners

A-company compared and analyzed all companies around the world to build the world's largest (1,000 units) AGV/AMR systems, and finally is applying 
BEM Solution™.

Bemsoft's ACS Solution™ was able to win the gold prize in the S/W contest of all group companies.

It was the only place that could control more than 1,000 AMR, and the LogPlayer technology was truly an art!

A Corp

Logistics Team Group Leader

Even very large layouts that change in real time at the same time can be handled! In my experience, if it is not a solution, I think it is absolutely impossible.

For reference, the layout was so large that about 1,000 AMRs were put in, and during setup, the wall and equipment were changed simultaneously several times a day.

A Corp

ACS Practice Personnel

We have introduced AGVs to our plant in Poland. The setup and stabilization period was also short, but better than that was the perfect remote response.

If you introduce AGV/AMR overseas, I think a BEM solution is essential. 

B Corp

PRI Practice Personnel

I used to have a lot of distrust of AGVs. But now I have changed my mind.

I was surprised to see that setup/stabilization was done right away with only on-site training. They said that it is delivered after optimizing operations and minimizing bugs through simulation for at least one month before on-site delivery.

C Corp

고객사 AGV 담당자

There's no reason not to choose it.

  From the quotation step to design, development, setup, and customer satisfaction (CS), we didn't miss anything.

  With 17 years of AGV/AMR control experience, 10 years of solution development and validation.

  The world's only AGV/AMR/ACS integrated solution™ company

No-code based

Digital Twin

Operating optimization 
based on AI 

Remote Tech.

Most of the existing technologies were made with 100% pure in-house technology.

Both factory and warehouse operations are possible

Factory ACS

Areas where driving space is narrow and technologies to prevent operation stuck and increase operation efficiency are required

Warehouse ACS

Areas where driving space is wide and technology that maximizes operational efficiency and load/unload space is required.

Almost any type of Logistics robot is possible.

KIVA Robot

Factory / Warehouse

Picking AMR

Factory / Warehouse


Factory / Warehouse






Factory / Warehouse


Anyone can set up and maintain without knowing programming.

AGV/AMR Control Solution™ (ACS)

1,000+ Robot - No code based Digital Twin AI

Hybrid Positioing Solution™ (PS)  

Not ROS based, only for logistics robot - SLAM + Reflector + Barcode

Various Control Solution™ (CS) 

Simulator that is 100% identical to
the actual logistics robot's comm./control source code
2 - Steering Drive
Independent Steering Drive

Differential Drive

Both factory and warehouse 
operations are possible

Signiture Video#2 - AGV/AMR

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Signiture Video#3 - ACS

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